Retevis RT21V MURS6 Pack with 6-Way Charger(US only)


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What is MURS walkie talkies

MURS(Multi-Use Radio Service Two Way Radios), MURS is a two-way license-free radio service for personal or business activities. MURS is authorized 5 channels

Application of MURS Radio in Indoor Commercial Scenarios

For business environments that do not require long-distance communication, such as small and medium-sized Retail, Warehouses, Restaurants, Clinics, Churches, etc. Low-traffic channels mean more efficient communication

In the outdoor environment, due to the strong diffraction ability of MURS walkie-talkies, it can obtain more communication range, so that you and your team can get clear sound quality during long-distance calls. For example farms, rescue organizations, and fleet communication, etc.

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